20043 Bilge Pump Monitor

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Smart Bilge Monitor 12v - design

Bilge Monitor 12v - designed to alert to excessive pumping using 20038 Smart Bilge Switch

This boat bilge alarm monitor lights the Red Light whenever the bilge pump comes on and then activates a loud panel mounted buzzer if the bilge pump runs longer than two minutes....indicating excessive pumping. The pump will pump an additional 15 seconds after the bilge is empty to completely clear the bilge (when using 20038)

Each time the pump cycles, the built-in Bilge Pump Counter counts and accumulates the frequency of pumping; until reset (count is retained even if power is lost)

The Bilge Monitor comes with a green ON light to assure you there is power to the panel, a fuse holder for safety, and an AUTO/OFF/MAN switch for controlling the pump. It is enclosed in weather proof backing box

If you want to use your pump switch or our 20090 HD Pump Switch see    20343 SMART BILGE MONITOR

Available in 24v and 32v                Panel size  4" x 6" x 2-1/2" deep

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