20245 Exhaust Alarm Kit. Single Engine

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Wet Exhaust Overheat Alarm Kit

Wet Exhaust Overheat Alarm Kit, Single Engine, 12v

The Wet Exhaust Overheat Detector, included in the kit, monitors exhaust temperature and lights the red light on  Warning Panel and activates a loud panel mounted Buzzer when the temperature reaches

200 degrees F....preventing serious damage to  your marine engine.  A Green ON light gives peace of mind that the alarm has power and is in a monitoring condition

The Wet Exhaust detector has an aluminum band that adjusts from 2"diameter to 8" diameter, making easy installation on the elbow or flexible hose.   5 ft of Marine Grade Tinned wire is included.

Panel Size:  3" x 1-3/4"

Available in 24v and 3v   Please Choose Voltage

Order and additional panel for remote monitoring    see Please Choose Additional Panel

Available for Twin Engines: CLICK HERE


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