20051 Bait Tank Alarm 1.5 inch

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* Bait Tank Alarm for 1-1/2'

Available in 12v,24v, 32v

A fisherman’s worst nightmare: You run for hours perhaps all night to the fishing grounds. When you get there, you go back to the cockpit, peek in the bait tank, and find your bait is dead. The bait pump failed hours ago. Given ample warning, you could have saved your bait and your fishing trip.

The Aqualarm Bait Tank Alarm is a flow detector that warns you when the flow rate to the bait tank drops below a predetermined level. The Bait Tank Alarm alerts you by triggering a red panel light and sounding a loud alarm. This unit is easy to install and will fit plumbing from 1-1/2-inch to 2 inches. Eighty-nine dollars ($89.00) is a small price to pay for so much insurance.