20510 Ultimate Systems Monitor. Twin.

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A backlit LCD display visually alerts to the area in alarm condition, in easy to read text, also sounding an external audible bell or buzzer. Panel includes system TEST function and MUTE. Available 12v, 24v, 32v

The critical areas of HIGH BILGE WATER, FIRE, WATER FLOW, OIL PRESSURE, EXHAUST, LOW BATTERY, EXCESSIVE BILGE PUMPING, BILGE PUMP COUNTER, and ENGINE TEMPERATURE are ready and setup in the Ultimate Systems Monitor….allowing flexibility in choosing which areas to monitor. Detectors can be added at any time to increase coverage.

The Ultimate Systems Monitor comes with the Bilge Pump Counter and Excessive Bilge Pumping pre-programmed and ready to function…..no Detectors needed. Great as a stand alone monitor for these two functions.

20120 Bilge Water Level Detector
20114 Remote Fire Detector 190° F
10233 Cooling Water Flow Detector, 1” FPT (1/2” to 1-1/4” hose)
10271 Cooling Water Flow Detector, 1-1/2” FPT (1-1/2 “ hose)
10231 Cooling Water Flow Detector, 2” FPT (2” up hose size)
20250 Exhaust Overheat Detector
20290 Low Battery Detector
20111 Low Oil Pressure
20116 Engine Overheat Detector, Bolt on type
20118 Engine Overheat Detector, 1/8” MPT
20100 Bell Alarm
20106 Alarm Buzzer (can be wired for constant or intermittent ) http://www.aqualarm.net/datasheets/20500_DATA_SHEET.pdf