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20011 Last Watch II Alarm 20011 Last Watch II Alarm
New Page 1 Last Watch System II, Digital, 12 volt  -  Helmsman Minder LED display of countdown time Loud Alarm sounds and red light blinks when not reset Key Lock for security Case measures   5.5" Long (including brackets)  x  3.2" wide  x  2" high   Set the clock up to 99 minutes ahead of time, and if the reset button is not pushed before time is up, a loud buzzer will sound. ...

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20349 Aerator Pump Automatic Timer 20349 Aerator Pump Automatic Timer
Now you can keep your live well and catch alive and fresh with oxygenated water, controled by this Automatic Aerator Timer . The Automatic Timer is set to let the pump run for 1-1/2 minutes with a delay between running time from 1 to 10 minutes.....set with the calibrated knob on the panel. Also, you can Manually control the pump run from the Panel with the ON/OFF/MAN switch. Green ON light to show the system is a go. Works on Pumps up to 20...


20390 Pressure Alarm Mat 20390 Pressure Alarm Mat
20390  Pressure Alarm Mat 20390  Pressure Alarm Mat Normally open circuit that closes and completes a circuit when foot pressure is applied Size 21" x 31"              6 ft of wire lead Weatherproof and water resistant Easily covered by an  outdoor mat to hide it's presences Works with  any audible devices like siren, bell, strobe, Cellular...